Ukraine's Cultural Events

Ukrainian diplomats present cultural activities in Berlin

May 26th, 2017
Anna Varava, News from Berlin
2017_05_26 Cultural.jpg

Ukrainian Embassy in Berlin plays an active role in communication with Ukrainian diaspora in Germany and is providing several cultural and diplomatic activities, which are contributing to Ukraine's positive image and its visible presence in Berlin.

In the period, which started in September is full of Ukrainian public diplomatic activities. The activities are promoting Ukrainian cultural, historical and folklore heritage and are helping to make the country of Ukraine more attractive to general public. Ukrainian Embassy in Berlin is coordinating the events with Ministry of International Relations and its Cultural Diplomacy Department.

The recent activities include commemoration day for the victims of Crimea-Tatar population genocide. The event took place in the Embassy headquarters in participation with the Ukrainian diaspora, activists, lawyers and journalists; celebration of 'Vyshyvanka' day was accompanied by a Ukrainian singer Tina Karol.

As for the cultural initiatives, supported by the Embassy, it’s worth to mention a theatrical play called 'The name of that star is Chornobyl', which was dedicated to 31th anniversary of Chornobyl catastrophe. It was performed by Berlin Documentary Theatre on the April 26. Other events were also a quite successful screening of the movie 'Starvation. Bitter Stubble', and 'Pray for peace in Ukraine', which was a religious ceremony, that took place in the main cathedral in Berlin.

Lots of artistic meetings are held in the building of the Embassy. One of the recent meetings was done with a Ukrainian writer, a master of detective novels, an award winning Bohdan Kolomiychuk. Most well-known Ukrainian singers and bands – representatives of modern Ukrainian artistic scene – like Ocean Elzu and Tina Karol, were invited to the Embassy to perform and have a discussion after.

Regarding recent activities, it’s worth to mention a successful attempt to open a dialogue between the two countries, initiated by UkraineLab Forum with support of the Embassy of Ukraine and The Centre of Art and Urbanism. From September 2017 Germany will welcome the 'Year of Ukrainian language in Germany', while Ukraine will accept the same initiative from the German side. The programme is now being organized and confirmed by the Embassy and MFA in Ukraine.

All these cultural diplomatic initiatives of the Ukrainian Embassy in Germany are aimed to state about important heroic, sometimes sad, historical events to maintain ties with diaspora, and also to present it to the European audience. Presentations of Ukraine's broad cultural heritage and also modern activities hold a purpose to make closer collaborations with EU, and sharing their common values.