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Über den Tellerrand kochen - Cooking with refugees and asylum-seekers

August 15th, 2014
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News from Berlin - What flavors do refugees bring with them? The project “Über den Tellerrand kochen” offers an alternative way to taste their stories.

The English translation for “Tellerrand” is “edge of the plate”, but the German way of saying “über den eigenen Tellerand” also means “beyond one’s own nose”. This is basically what the project aims to: allow people from different cultures to break the walls of prejudice. Meeting around a table, sharing the ingredients of one’s life and the stories beyond them: cooking together, sitting together and eating together is probably the best way to discover each other.

The project – now a start-up – has been led by Bontu Guschke: 21 years old, grown up in Berlin but of Ethiopian origins. After getting other students involved and gathering receipts coming from all over the world, they published a book awarded with the Funpreneur-Preis by the Freie Universität. As Bontu said during an interview with the Berliner Zeitung talking about refugees and asylum-seekers in Berlin: “What they miss, is the contact with the outside world. It is very difficult for them to establish ties with someone, entering in contact with people and to start using some German words, when they know no-one.” Therefore, the idea of organizing cooking evenings, which will be regularly held starting from October.

For further information: http://www.ueberdentellerrandkochen.de/ While for registrations: team@ueberdentellerrandkochen.de

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