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Turkish Film Presented at Berlinale 2014 is Now Playing in Cinemas

The film “Were Denge Mîn” – “Come to My Voice”, Directed by Hüseyin Karabey, is Set in a Small Snowy Kurdish Mountain Village, in the East of Turkey

January 29th, 2016
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“Come to my voice” is a movie, which was presented at the 64th International Film Festival Berlin that was granted a screening thanks to German, Turkish and French cooperation. The public will have the possibility to see it in cinemas from 17th March 2016, courtesy of ZOOM MEDIENFABRIK GmbH. The film is a classical drama about an old woman Berfé and her young granddaughter Jiyan, who need to find non-existing guns in order to free the girl’s father from a Turkish prison. The movie portrays the current realities of Kurdish-Turkish conflict and the director Hüseyin Karabey added many tragic yet comical moments. The situation of Berfé and her young granddaughter Jiyan mirrors the destiny of the minority and displays the inequality they face in their daily life. The director believes that the movie can contribute to peace by telling stories of this terrible “hidden” war from a different perspective. It is helpful to share the knowledge and information about this conflict and humanity of these people to people in other parts of the world so as they can develop a deeper understanding.

The movie tells the stories of ordinary characters who are seldom seen on screen. The story is told by Dengbej, a Kurdish traveling storyteller. The young girl is the bearer of Kurdish culture in the movie. The Kurdish culture is based on oral literature and Dengbej attempts to story-tell in a traditional way, where she travels between each town and village. Her aim is to help people to remember her own culture and keep in mind the traditional values of the Kurdish nation. The director decided to use the storyteller as the narrator in order to ensure it  was in the third-person to describe the reality in an objective manner.

Hüseyin Karabey is a forty-six year old man who has been working as director since 1996. He has received awards for his work including Best Director from the 6th New York Tribeca International Film Festival and Best Asian-Middle Eastern Award in 2008.


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