Trio EU Presidency: Europeís Unity in Diversity

Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Germany, Slovenia and Portugal

May 24th, 2019
Martta Tenhu, News from Berlin
20190524_Trio EU Presidency.jpg

The Foreign Minister of Germany Haiko Maas received Foreign Ministers Augusto Santos Silva and Miroslav Cerar in Berlin. The three Foreign Ministers discussed their upcoming Trio EU Presidency in 2020/2021 in order to make Europe stronger.

In an increasingly challenging and unpredictable world the EU remains a platform of freedom, security, stability and prosperity. In the Trio Presidency in 2020/2021, Foreign Ministers will work towards a stronger and cohesive European Union united on the basis of its unique set of common values and principals. It’s all about reinforcing trust and credibility in the EU’s capacity to find common solutions for common challenges.

As a Trio, Germany, Slovenia and Portugal represent different facets and regions of the European Union. Therefore, it could be seen as an example of Europe’s unity in diversity. Through the cultural cooperation the trio will pursue an ambitious and forward-looking agenda. Their goal is to strengthen the commitment to a united grounded on common values, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. This will require an engagement with United Nations and reinvigorated dialogue and strategic partnership with other global players in different continents.


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