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Trilateral Meeting of the Secretaries of State for European Affairs of Germany, France and Spain

The New Spanish Secretary Of State For The European Union, Fernando Eguizadu, His German Counterpart, Michael Roth, Held A Trilateral Meeting With French Secretary Of State Harlem Desir.

August 12th, 2015
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On a previous visit in Berlin, the new Secretary of State for the European Union – Fernando Eguizadu and his German counterpart, Michael Roth decided to organize a trilateral meeting with Harlem Désir, their French equivalent on August 5th. In this meeting, the three Secretaries of State jointly analyzed the most important issues on the European agenda.

The meeting took place in Villa Borsig, home of the German Diplomatic Academy, which is also the headquarters of the Foreign Service Academy. After a preliminary meeting, the German and Spanish Secretaries of State met with the German diplomats of the 70th promotion of the Diplomatic Academy, and then participated in a summer reception hosted by Secretary of State Michael Roth.

In the preceding meeting, the Spanish and German Secretaries of State reviewed their joint cooperation strategies regarding current European matters, such as the strengthening of the European institutions, the Greek crisis and prospects for the EU in the coming years, especially with regards to the Economic and Monetary Union.

Michael Roth has been “Minister of State for Europe” since December 2013 and started his career in Politics in 1987. His Spanish counterpart, Fernando Eguizadu was named Secretary of State for European Affairs in July of this year, and he has held various public offices since 1972. Harlem Désir has been in office since 2014.


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