Translingual Poetics in Berlin

Discovering new ways and erasing linguistic barriers in the production and praxis of poetry

June 19th, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190619_Translingual Poetics in Berlin.jpg

The House of Poetry in Berlin, alongside with the collaboration of the Embassy of Sweden organizes a project of 20th “Poesiefestival Berlin”, a series of events that attempt to promote and enhance poetry and poetic expression, connecting it with the arts with art, theater, performance, music, film and digital media, counting on the participation of 150 artists from 25 countries.

Representing the international poetry in its variety of forms, House of poetry reunites the most famous poets at the Poesiefestival, representing the modern trends of the poetry nowadays. The festival is taking place from 14th to 20th of July, with evening schedules.

The Embassy of Sweden is collaborating especially with the event of Translingual Poetry, on June 17th, where the hegemony of the translation and the mix of culture bring together a variety of poets, including Swedish Johannes Göransson, whose participation in the event was remarkable. The aim of the translingual poetry is to bring together the common characteristics of the languages and find a common social and artistic pattern, while remarking the differences and transgression with the attribution of meaning to it. Among the languages mentioned during the night we may find Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Maori, Hindi and Swahili.

The event has taken place in Akademie der Künste and was curated by the famous project leader Felix Schiller.


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