Traditional Brazilian sounds echo through the Embassy

Promoting traditional Brazilian music to mark the end of the ‘Brasilien trifft Berlin festival’

December 10th, 2019
Milena Žarković, News from Berlin

The Brazilian Embassy hosts the Reco do Bandolim & Choro Livre group in the desire to acquaint the public in Berlin with traditional Brazilian music.


The Brazilian Embassy supported the seventh edition of the ‘Brasilien trifft Berlin’ festival by providing its guests with an open and modern space to be used as a place for cultural exchange. The main focus of this year's edition of the festival, which was held throughout November, was literature, music and photography. The end of the festival was marked by an energetic and mesmerizing performance by the Reco do Bandolim & Choro Livre group.

Reco do Bandolim & Choro Livre is one of the best-known choro groups from Brazil. Their repertoire is mostly dedicated to a contemporary rendering of choro classics. Choro refers to an instrumental Brazilian music style that formed at the end of the 19th century as a result of the mixture between European and African music. However, the group also performs their own compositions, often paying homage to other significant Brazilian genres like Bossa Nova or Frevo in order to convey the full range of emotions that are unique to the Brazilian soul.

The group is made up of Reco do Bandolim (mandolin), Henrique Neto (seven-string guitar), George Costa (classical guitar), Marcio Marinho (cavaquinho) and Valério Xavier (pandeiro). The performance was enriched by short descriptions of the history behind certain compositions and the genres they echo. In this way, the public got the opportunity to not only learn more about the traditional music in Brazil and its origins, but also had the pleasure of experiencing the contagiously vivacious rhythms first hand.


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