Togo Embassy Participates in the Berlin Economic Forum “Zukunftstag Mittelstand 2024”

Highlighting Business Opportunities and Investment Priorities

April 17th, 2024
Snejana Melnic, News from Berlin
20240417 Togo Embassy.jpg

The Embassy of Togo in the Federal Republic of Germany actively participated in the “Zukunftstag Mittelstand 2024,” an economic forum organized by the Association of German SMEs, der Mittelstand BVMW e.V., held in Berlin on March 13, 2024.

This significant event provided a platform for Togo’s AI Chargé d’affaires and colleagues to engage with German entrepreneurs, economic operators, and guests. The forum offered an excellent opportunity for the Togolese delegation to showcase the various business opportunities available in Togo and highlight the country’s priority areas for investment.

The “Zukunftstag Mittelstand” is an annual gathering that attracts politicians, private sector leaders, and diplomatic representatives to discuss pertinent economic issues. This forum serves as a crucial event for fostering dialogue and promoting international monetary cooperation. It also enables participating countries like Togo to strengthen economic ties with Germany and other nations, facilitating discussions that could lead to substantial business ventures and partnerships.

The participation of the Togolese Embassy at this forum underscores Togo’s commitment to enhancing its economic visibility and attracting foreign investment to drive national development.


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