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The Foreign Ministry of Togo

Robert Dussey

Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Born on 4th January 1972 in Bangui (Centrafrica)
  • Professor of Political Philosophy
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and African Integration of Togo since 2013

University studies:
- 1999: Doctor of philosophy policy
- 1997: Diploma of thorough study
- 1996: Master of philosophy
- 1995: Degree in philosophy
- 1994: University degree of literary study
- 1993: University degree of literary study
- 1992: Theological study (Franciscan convent)
- 1991: Theological study (Monastery of the Beatitudes) Congo – Brazzaville
- 1990: BAC A4 – Saint Paul option seminar: latin Bangui (Central African Republic)

Working experience

  • Since Sept. 2013: Minister of Foreign Affairs, cooperation and African Integration
  • 2005: Advise diplomatic of the President of the Togolese Republic
  • 2004: Member of the Africa Office of the community of Sant’Egidio Ro
    me: special mediator for Africa to the community of Saint’ Egidio in Rome, Italy.