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"Tipología - Art from Spain" in Werkstattgalerie

April 25th, 2014
Spanish art.jpg

News from Berlin - The Werkstattgalerie in Berlin is ready to host the artistic exhibition "Tipología - Art from Spain", by four Spanish artists: Albert Coma Bau, Miren Doiz, Laura Lopez Paniagua and Anaïs Senli.

This event, which will get started on the 25th of April and will last till the 10th of May, is promoted by the embassy of Spain in Berlin.

The four young artists present a contemporary style and most of them have already been active in Berlin, studying art techniques at university or participating in various exhibitions. This is the case of Laura López Paniagua, an artist who has worked in almost every aspect of visual arts: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography. She came to Berlin for a student exchange and fell in love with the city. On the 15th September 2011 she participated at the Spanish Cultural Night organised by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, presenting her works and experiences as Spanish Artist in Germany and giving a fresh insight into Spanish contemporary art and culture.  

In any case it is another important to highlight this initiative, thanks to which young artists will have the opportunity to present their works as well as their culture abroad. You can find further information about the exhibition on the website:

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