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Time to Knit: Presentation of the book "Norgestrikk"

Learn to knit with Norwegian designers Arne & Carlos

December 10th, 2014
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Within its series "Buch des Monats", the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin has organized the launch of the book "Norgestrikk",  the latest release of the successful Norwegian designers Arne & Carlos.

The main aim of this event are firstly, the expansion of the Norwegian written culture, and secondly, to present the fifth written work of the well-known Norwegian designers Arne & Carlos.

The famous designers Arne & Carlos arrive to Berlin in order to present their latest book, titled "Norgestrikk". In this book the designers show to their readers their most famous knitting patterns and instructions for knitting clothes and accessories, which is one of the most used techniques during the winter, especially in cold Nordic countries .

Arne & Carlos have not only succeeded in the design world, but are also revolutionizing the book market. One of their recent books, "Christmas balls", was translated into 7 languages and over 52,000 copies were sold in Norway.

The event, which will be in English, will take place on December 18th at 7:00 pm at the Embassy of Norway in Berlin (Rauchstr. 1). It is not necessary to buy tickets in order to attend to the presentation, although it is mandatory  to register in the link below in order to attend:  

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