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Thinking of Energy – from the Experience of Fukushima

October 16th, 2014
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News from Berlin – Federal Foreign Office in Berlin and Embassy of Japan in Germany in cooperation with artistic group DANDANS and Japanese Cultural Institute Cologne are organizing an exhibition “Thinking of Energy – from the Experience of Fukushima.”

After the accident at the nuclear power station in Fukushima, Japan, caused by a tsunami resulting from an earthquake, has raised a problem about nuclear energy not only for people of Japan, but for everyone around the world. Energy is an indispensable good for all societies that strive for security and prosperity, and therefore the temptation is great to meet the demand with the assistance of cheap nuclear energy. 
And despite the awareness that there are unresolved questions and that if we keep using nuclear energy it will lead to other risks in the future as well, we live our everyday lives in the apparent self-deception that there are no serious problems.

In this exhibition, young Japanese artists from the artistic group DANDANS, deal with the conflicts and contradictions of the topic of energy in modern society. Through their work they are trying to portray their perspectives and hope for the future. Furthermore, the exhibition is intended to present an opportunity to tackle energy issues collaboratively.

DANDANS artist group was launched in 2005 as an exhibition platform for young artists, who have graduated from university and are on the way to becoming professional artists, but need a place to kickstart their professional development.

The exhibition will be open for public from October 16th at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. For more information visit:

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