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Theatre Premiere Portraying the issue of Black Women

The people of Berlin are invited to rediscover the African cuisine

July 10th, 2017
Ioana Bolboacă, News from Berlin
2017_07_10 Theatre Premiere Portraying.jpg

People are invited to enjoy the play while overcoming the superficial understanding of the realities of black women’s lives and conceiving their place in the livelihood of today.

“Anastácia – Schwarz, Black, Preta” play is the product of the collaboration between KURINGA, Madalena-Anastácia-Beril and S.U.S.I (S.olidarisch, U.nabhängig, S.ozial, I.nternational), under the direction of Barbara Santos since the beginning of the year.

The aim of the play is to draw attention to the intersectional discrimination experienced by Black women as part of their daily life, everything being presented through different innovative scenic methods of the “Theater of the Oppressed”. The play will try to respond to different questions regarding the objectification of Black women body, as well as the curiosity that they awaken.

The director, Barbara Santos, is an Afro-Brazilian woman, offering an insight into the world where she comes from and focusing on what that world has to offer when it comes to women, in a wider understanding. Likewise, the S.U.S.I organization deals mainly with the problem of immigration, supporting and enforcing solidarity among people, while KURINGA theatre – the host of the play – is dedicated to the creative multiplication of the method, with the aim of strengthening the community at all levels.

The contribution of all parts can be perceived in the play starting from tomorrow, where “Madalena-Anastácia aims to create an aesthetic, democratic and dynamic space in which Black women can be seen as creators of art, knowledge and social change.”


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