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Theater in Eastern Europe

Czech Centre discusses Eastern European Theater Culture and Pilsen as Cultural Capital of 2015

February 17th, 2015
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In cooperation with the German-Czech Future Fund, the Czech Centre in Berlin will organize an interactive presentation on theater culture on Wednesday, February 17. “Theater im Neuen Europa” will be held to explore the role of the Czech city, Pilsen as Cultural Capital of 2015. It will also show the newest developments in Eastern, Middle and Southern Europe. Together with several other institutes, the evening will be full of new insights on European theater.

Among others, the Janacek Akademie für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Brünn, CZ, the Free University of Berlin, the International Theater Institute/Mime Center Berlin, and the International Festival Theater Pilsen will collaborate in an interactive presentation focusing on “Theater in the New Europe”. First, developments in European theater culture will be presented in an informal atmosphere. Secondly, the important task of documentating theater productions will be discussed.

After the talk, there will be an open conversation about Eastern European culture. Very important in this discussion will be the question of what Pilsen can do, as 2015 Cultural Capital of Europe, to promote the culture of this forgotten part of Europe. Although Pilsen is not a well-known place, everyone knows ‘Pilsener’, the light beer that is sold in almost every bar in Europe and Northern America. As 2015 Cultural Capital, Pilsen now has the opportunity to present more sides of itself to the world. To accomplish this, the city is promote performing arts in Berlin.

The European Capital of Culture is an annually changing award for a city in Europe, to promote its cultural and tourist sectors. By providing a platform for a city marketing campaign, cities get the chance to show that they exist and how they might be interesting for various cultural and economic exchanges. The evening presentation organized in Berlin, shows the ways that the Czech Republic will use its role as Cultural Capital of Europe in 2015.


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