The Zeitgeist Takes Over Berlin

Australia Showcases Its Electronic Music Across Germany

July 06th, 2017
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The Australian government is hosting “Australia Now” Germany 2017, a year-long initiative focused on cultural exchange between Australia and Germany. The program’s main purpose is to showcase Australian creativity, diversity and innovation abroad.

Throughout the year 2017, Australia will present its art in Germany through the promotion and celebration of various cultural initiatives. One of the upcoming events is the “Electronic Connections” inaugural festival: The Zeitgeist, which will display an unprecedented contemporary array of Australian electronic music. And what a better place to host this event than Berlin, considered the world’s electronic music capital. The city’s long history with electronic music continues to attract talented musicians and to advance their careers abroad.

Launched by Christian Vance – a veteran of the Australian electronic music industry – the program will present a selection of performances by 11 professional Australian electronic musicians, producers, sound artists, and DJs working within the realm of electronic music that have a connection to Germany’s capital.

Participating artists include Alex Albrecht, Andreas Maan & Hysteria (Patterns of Perception), Christian Vance, Claire Morgan, Eluize, Kate Miller, Mike Callander, Phoebe Kiddo, Simon Caldwell and Trinity.

Never before have there been so many Australians involved in the field of electronic music, producing and performing across the globe. In light of the rising popularity of the music genre in Australia, The Zeitgeist program in Germany adopts Australian electronic music as a means to promote cultural exchange between both nations.

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