The Zambian Embassy in Berlin Promotes Zambia as a Tourist Destination in Germany

A five-day roadshow of Africa organized by Eurowings Discovery

March 23rd, 2023
Daniela Desantis, News from Berlin
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In March 2023, the Zambian Embassy in Berlin took part in a five-day roadshow to promote Zambia as a tourist destination in Southern and Eastern Africa. The roadshow, organized by Eurowings Discovery, visited five German towns and drew over 300 tour operators. The event provided a venue for hotel and lodge goods, tourism boards, and airline partners to present their offers and interact with German market customers.

The roadshow, according to Ms. Dorcas Chileshe, Charge D'Affaires of the Embassy, was a success, and she feels it will assist to enhance awareness and product knowledge of Zambia as a tourist destination. She emphasized the country's 20 national parks, unique culture, adventurous activities, and breathtaking waterfalls such as Livingstone's Victoria Falls. Indeed, Zambia has a diverse range of wildlife, adventure activities, breathtaking natural beauty, and cultural experiences, including Victoria Falls and 20 national parks.

This is the year's third roadshow, and its success has opened up new potential for Zambian tourism. Over 300 tour companies and travel agents in Germany will now actively promote Zambia as a tourist destination. This is good news for the country's tourism economy, which has been heavily damaged by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Finally, the Zambian Embassy's involvement in the Eurowings Discovery tour was a success. The event provided a forum for the nation to display its tourist offerings and communicate with German customers and agencies. With over 300 tour operators and travel agents now advertising Zambia as a tourist destination, the country's tourism sector has a promising future.


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