The "Yanny or Laurel" and "Pérékop" Exhibition

Two Artists from Luxembourg presenting the art and history of visual perception in Berlin

September 21st, 2018
Minni Wu, News from Berlin

On 27th September, two artists from Luxembourg will open their exhibition called "yanny or laurel" and "Pérékop" in Berlin. The joint exhibition will present their points of view on how images and their contexts can affect the way we see reality. By presenting it in Berlin, the project also aims to promote cultural exchanges between Luxemburg and Germany.

The exhibition is composed of two projects, "yanny or laurel" by Yann Anicchiarico and "Pérékop" by Franck Miltgen. "yanny or laurel" presents “the montage between dream and reality.” Using the interplay of seemingly absurd elements inspired by theatre scenarios and halls of mirrors,” it guides how the recipients view and what they see.

The other project ‘Pérékop,’ using the name of a cliff formation in Luxembourg, shows the traces of time on the cliffs with aluminum sheeting. It displays not only the geology bears signs of weathering but also the man-made trances of “Graffiti” over a hundred years.

Art is an important form to present culture and how different people view the world. This is why cross-country art exchange is essential to bring different cultures together. Promoting this idea, this exhibition is supported by various organizations, including the Embassy of Luxembourg. S.E. Herr Jean Graff, the Ambassador of Luxembourg, and Secretary of State Jürgen Lennartz, the head of the State Chancellery of Saarland will attend the opening and deliver speeches.

The exhibition will be held until 26th October in the Saarländische Galerie - Europäisches Kunstforum. The Saarländische Galerie engages itself to promote cultural exchanges between France, Germany, the Czech Republic and other European countries. Through displaying art and cultural contents from different countries in Berlin, it aims to create an exchange platform for European art, bringing diverse aspects together and inspiring cross-cultural cooperation.

Information of the Exhibition
Dates: from 27th September to 26th October 2018, Tuesday to Saturday
Opening Hour: 14:00 to 18:00
Location: Saarländische Galerie - Europäisches Kunstforum, Charlottenstr. 3, 10969 Berlin


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