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The Most “Out of World” Experience in Berlin

April 14th, 2016

The WYLD is a unique exciting show that takes place in Berlin within a revue theatre that has not been used for decades. The Friedrichstadt-Palast is now the cradle of a wonderful game of flashes, lights, ballets, and choreographies performed by more than 100 artists. Among them we find acrobats, dancers, equilibrists, all covered by a patina of magic. To render this show, which is bright and sparkling indeed, the budget for the overall exhibitions and costumes exceeded the ten million euros, being the highest in the Palast’s history.

The genius of the project stems from Manfred Thierry Mugler, who is the director, the photographer, the designer and perfume maker, along with Roland Welke, one of the most creative and successful show producers in Europe. The Palast has been re-opened two years ago and it is possible to see the show every day, as it replies within an hour. The major characteristics of such an amazing show include extra-terrestrials, flamboyant and elegant people, a mix of counter-opposite atmospheres that go from archaic times to bizarre and futuristic ones.

“To me, Berlin is one of the greatest places for free expression. I especially appreciate the city’s values and open-mindedness. THE WYLD includes all its positive vibrations: energy, modernity, timelessness and culture”. These are the words of the artist, while explaining exactly why Berlin is the best place for this enthusiastic and polyhedral show which, moreover, it is open to everybody (Minimum age of 10 years old is required to participate to the event).

If you are curious and you want to have a piece of entertainment for 2 hours and a quarter, just check on the website and buy your ticket!



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Paola Pluchino, Berlin Global