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The Volkswagen Environmental Program “Think Blue. Factory.”

The Award for the Best Environmental Program in Germany Goes to “Think Blue. Factory”

June 22nd, 2016

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand wins the National Energy Globe Award Germany for its holistic environmental program “Think Blue. Factory.” Earning particular recognition was its eco-friendly use of resources in production. With the Austrian Energy Globe Foundation as its patron, the award allows outstanding projects from all over the world with a focus on conserving resources, energy efficiency, and using renewable energies to be honored every year.

“Think Blue. Factory.” is the environmental program at the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, which will also allow it to become a leader in ecological sustainability in production by 2018. The objective being pursued is to restructure the plants to make them 25 percent friendlier to the environment compared to 2010 – in terms of energy and water consumption, CO2 and solvent emissions, as well as waste. And Volkswagen is making substantial progress; half of these objectives have already been implemented.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Gundlach, Head of Strategy and Competence Development of the Components management area explains: “The success of 'Think Blue. Factory owes a lot to the commitment of our employees in particular. Numerous ideas and experiences from the production locations are being consistently developed and refined, in particular thanks to the systematic exchange of information among each other. This allows us to turn our knowledge into a tool.”

The National Energy Globe Award Germany joins the ranks of a multitude of national and international awards honoring “Think Blue. Factory”. The latest award represents the 24th distinction received since 2010. These include awards as significant as the “Green Tec Award”, the “Lean & Green Efficiency Award” and the “Green Controlling Prize”.

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