The US Embassy has nearly 60 American Students on Exchange this Year

The CBYX scholarship program celebrates its 40th anniversary this year

August 29th, 2023
Editorial, News from Berlin
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The US embassy has nearly 60 American students on exchange in Cologne, Radolfzell and Saarbrücken under the #CBYX program.

The CBYX scholarship program (known as Parlamentarisches Patenschafts-Programm #PPP in Germany), initiated by U.S. Congress and the German Bundestag in 1983 to strengthen ties through citizen diplomacy, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

The German American Partnership Program (GAPP) connects American high schools with secondary schools in Germany. The program is run by the Pedagogical Exchange Service in cooperation with GAPP Inc. at the Goethe Institute New York. In 2019, there were 791 active partnerships of this type between the United States and Germany. Every year about 4,200 American high school students and teachers visit their partner school in Germany and 5,400 German students and teachers visit their partner school in the USA for two to three weeks. The costs for the program are borne by the German and American governments and by the participants themselves. Participants for the following programs must be nominated. A direct application is not possible.

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