The Tenth Chilean Film Series in Berlin

The Embassy of Chile Presented Outstanding Films by Director Gonzalo Justiniano

January 08th, 2019
Luísa Silva, News from Berlin

To highlight the transition from dictatorship to democracy, the Chilean Embassy dedicated a three-part retrospective of Justiniano’s work at Sala Chile from November 8th and 10th, 2018

The filmmakers in Chile marked in a special way the transition from dictatorship to democracy. Their works reflected and analyzed the social, cultural, political and economic landscapes of our times. An extraordinary example is director Gonzalo Justiniano - with the characteristic aesthetic of his images. Justiniano's new film, Cabros de Mierda (2018), was shown at the Kino Babylon cinema, in Berlin, as part of the Lakino film festival.

The Hundred Cycle of Chile was inaugurated with B - Happy, a story about adolescence depression and the first love within a vulnerable social environment. Kathy is living with her brother Danilo in a small town on the Chilean coast. His life is marked by the absence of his father, who is in prison for robbery, as well as the permanent difficulties with which he is confronted. In high school, he meets Chemo, a kind and sensitive boy, with whom he becomes in love.


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