The Spanish Instituto Cervantes Promotes the Virtual Film Club "Cita Con El Cine"

Join the Cultural Activity and Experience the Joy of Women's Camaraderie Beyond Religion and Culture in Violeta Salama's "Alegría"

May 11th, 2023
Chiara Maccio’, News from Berlin
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Are you a film enthusiast looking for a way to explore intercultural cinema and engage in cultural activities? Look no further than the virtual film club "Cita con el Cine." In its October session, the club will showcase the Spanish film "Alegría" by Violeta Salama. The film tells a unique intercultural story of religious coexistence, which is rarely seen in Spanish cinema. The plot features strong women bound by deep camaraderie that gives hope to a world increasingly divided by identity differences.

"Alegría" tells the story of Alegría, a woman who has distanced herself from her Jewish roots and now lives in Melilla. When her granddaughter arrives to get married, Alegría's life is turned upside down, leading her to reconcile with her daughter whom she has not seen for years. The film, inspired by the director's roots, showcases the power of women, friendship, and understanding beyond religion and culture, as well as their internal conflicts and contradictions.

The cultural activity is moderated by the staff of the Instituto Cervantes and features live chat discussions with specialists involved in the film's production, such as directors and screenwriters. This interactive approach allows viewers to delve deeper into the film's themes and production processes.

By participating in "Cita con el Cine," you can enjoy Spanish cinema and explore its cultural significance from the comfort of your home. Join the virtual film club and connect with fellow film enthusiasts and cultural explorers from all around the world.


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