The Sea is our Inspiration - Selected Works by Artists of the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

This 27 03 2019 the Chinese Kulturzentrum of Berlin opens the exhibition of the sea in our inspiration

March 26th, 2019
Chloé Gratadour-Cerruti, News from Berlin
20190326_The Sea is our Inspiration.jpg

This exhibition came from the Shangai Academy of Fine Arts who created the movement HAIPEI

Haipei is an art who which tradition and modern art. Why Shangai? Shanghai is considered as an interface between tradition and modern China. It’s why Shangai was the origin of this movement.

The Shangai academy of arts exported the Haipei art in Berlin for showed to the world the traditional art of China. Berlin welcomes this exhibiton, and where Shangai is an interface between China and Occident, Berlin is the city of worldwide art.

« The sea is our inspiration: For this exhibition, we crossed the seas to come to Berlin, the center of Europe, which gave Shanghai unlimited cultural food, inspiration and friendliness. We look forward to this cultural return and the cultural exchange that accompanies it, in order to continue to work together in mutual openness, mutual learning and participation.

Culture and art are cross-border languages. We hope that through the various art forms, including  Chinese painting, oil painting, prints, sculptures, glass and ceramics, we will teach the German and European audiences the teaching and creative style of the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts as well as the humanist traditions and diverse developments in contemporary Shanghai The art scene in order to promote mutual and intercultural understanding. »


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