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The “Sail Bremerhaven 2015” Festival

The Ambassador of Ecuador Welcomes the Crew of the Ecuadorian Ship, Escuela Guayas in Bremerhaven

August 14th, 2015
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H. E. Ambassador Jorge Jurado gave a warm welcome to Captain Carlos Zumárraga and to the rest of the crew and then went on board the sailing ship to give a speech. He stated that the Escuela Guayas is worthy of representing Ecuador in the festival, and highlighted the important relationship and friendship that Ecuador and Germany have shared for more than 125 years. In the Escuela Guayas’s team there are currently 147 crew members, with 21 officials, two of whom are officials invited from other Latin American countries, as well as a total of 41 midshipmen.

On August12th, the Escuela Guayas and 263 other ships took part in an encounter on the high seas. At this event, the Ambassador of Ecuador and the honorary Consul of Ecuador in Ludwigsburg, Siegfried Rapp, took part as crew members of the Ecuadorian ship.

The Escuela Guayas is in Germany as part of their voyage around the world, which started in Guayaquil on May 12th. They have already sailed through the Caribbean, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia. On 15th August, the ship will continue their journey setting sail to Amsterdam, Lisbon, Cartagena (Spain), and afterwards to Italy, Greece, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and finally Chile and Peru before sailing back to Ecuador.

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