The Relationship between Humans and Nature

Nordic Embassies in Berlin to host exhibition where stones tell the story

February 06th, 2019
Julia Bohlin, News from Berlin
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In the framework of the Nordic Embassies schedule for cultural events and exhibitions in Berlin, one can find the exhibition Stories Told by Stones. In this exhibition, the Finnish Elsa Salonen tells us about the complex and old relationship between humans and nature. By using lost animistic rituals and magical practices, she makes the stones speak their own artistic language.

Stones, as one of the oldest inhabitants on earth, can tell us a lot of the history of nature. The exhibition wants to reveal the time stored in them. By extracting pigments from collected flowers, Elsa produces colored crystals. Further, she also uses meteorite dust to draw images of stars on glass or distills fluids out of plants.

The exhibition takes place in the Schwarzsche Villa and Gallery, at Grunewaldstr. 55. The opening is on February 14th at 7pm. The City Councilor for Education, Culture, Sport and Social Affairs Frank Mückish will be there for a welcome, accompanied by the Head of the Department of Culture Steglitz-Zehlendorf Brigitte Hausmann, the Director of the Finland Institute Laura Hirvi and the curator of the exhibition Dr. Christine Nippe. Last but not least, the Finnish singer Sarah Kivi will perform a solo performance during the opening.

The exhibition ends on March 31st. The opening hours are Mon-Sun 10am to 6pm, the entrance is free and the building has wheelchair access.


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