The Power Of Colors To Connect

An exhibition on returning to the roots with Willy M. Gbedji

March 19th, 2020
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Berlin, Germany – The Embassy of Benin and the Institut français Berlin corporate together to present the exhibition “Sans Différence” from the Benin artist Willy Mick Gbedji. His main focus is the unique way of using colors together with geometric forms in a pictorial space. With his use of natural pigments such as red and yellow, jeans bags and African patterns, Gbedji wants to take the public back to the roots of humanity. He wants a person to think and look deeper into the surface and wants to make the world aware of the “true challenges of humanity” such as climate change, interfaith dialogue and much more. The exhibition started on March 9th and was planned till April 8th, 2020.

Like written in the previous paragraph Willy Gbedji’s central focus is color. That is a characteristic he also shares with other artists from Benin. He mixes natural pigments with several objects that have been, or are part of his life and reality. Through that he allows the public to connect more with his origin, but he also wants them to let go of the old patterns of thinking and try to connect with the artwork in a different way. A way that connects deeper on a human level, a way that shows how art is a universal language and can bring people together, and a way that even though there are different perspectives we still can be universally connected. 

Willy Mick Gbedji is a young Benin artist, located in Germany since 2015. He has been a visual artist for years and describes art as his home. Gbedji has worked in Cotonou, Benin for many years and decided to transform and share his experiences, observations, and perspectives in the European world. As a black young man living in a challenging society painting has been the best way to express himself and a way to have a deeper connection with others: “painting is my passion, painting is my life. Painting is universal, we do it all over the world. Art can build up bridges and overcome walls.” (


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