The Philippine Embassy in Berlin celebrates National Arts Month with a Special Screening

Harana: The Search for the Lost Art of Serenade

February 25th, 2023
Alexandre Antierens, News from Berlin
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On February 26 the Philippine Embassy in Berlin, in partnership with the Filipino Community in Berlin and the San Diego Filipino Film Festival, hosted a special screening of the award-winning documentary, Harana: The Search for the Lost Art of Serenade by Benito Bautista. The screening, which took place at the Katolische Kirchengemeinde Heilig Geist (Catholic Parish of the Holy Spirit), was organized to celebrate Philippine National Arts Month “Buwan ng Sining”.

Harana tells the story of the harana, a unique form of courtship and communication that was once a common practice in rural Filipino communities. The documentary follows three musicians as they search for the remaining master haranistas and attempt to revive this beautiful tradition.

In her opening remarks, Minister Mary Luck S. Hicarte stated that the screening was organized to encourage collaboration among Filipino artists around the world in promoting their culture. She emphasized the relevance of the film in celebrating the richness of art from an era that has already passed.

Director Benito Bautista also addressed the audience, expressing that harana is a love letter to the Filipino people and serves to preserve the art of harana from becoming a vanished tradition.

The screening was a success, with attendees moved by the beauty and significance of the lost art of harana. The film not only showcases the beauty of this lost art form but also raises questions about the importance of cultural preservation and the impact of globalization on indigenous traditions.

The event was a reminder of the importance of celebrating and preserving cultural heritage, especially in the face of modernization and globalization. By showcasing the beauty and significance of harana, the screening inspired attendees to appreciate their cultural heritage and to work towards preserving it for future generations.


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