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The Panamanian Embassy Participates in SOS Sommerfest

The embassy supports the SOS Kinderdörfer project with an exhibition of Zoraida Del Carmen Dreesbach

June 29th, 2016

The Embassy of Panama in Berlin has been involved in several social activities and cultural projects. On July 14th, the Embassy will host and event promoting Panamanian culture.

The opening of the exhibition of Panamanian artist Zoraida Del Carmen Dreesbach will be held on July 14th at 6pm in the Summer Festival of the SOS Children's Villages "SOS Kinderdörfer", located in Gierkezeile 38, 10585 Berlin. Am. Dr. Guido Spadafora is set to attend.

Amb. Guido Spadafora was born on the first of January 1962. In 1985, he actively fought for democracy in Panamá by supporting the movement 'Cruzada Civilista' against the dictatorial regime of Manuel Antonio Noriega. He is known for campaigning against the abuse and corruption of the mass media and for writing in newspapers all around the world. After dedicating his life to the study of medicine and fighting for democracy, Spadafpra became the Ambassador of Panamá to Berlin on January 6th 2016.

Zoraida Del Carmen Dreesbach is a freelance artist born in 1971 in Panama. Dreesbach grew up in an SOS Children's Village. She got a scholarship when she was 22 years to go to Austria to complete her training in hotel and restaurant specialization. However, it wasn't until 2010, when she was 39 years old that she decided to pursue her childhood dream and study illustration and computer graphics at the IBKK Bochum Painting. In her words, she sees feelings and experience as a whole and she tries to express them on the canvas.

July 14th will be the perfect occasion to meet this amazing artist and the current Ambassador of the Panama Embassy. As well, it will be a great way to discover the work of the SOS Children's Villages and hear about real histories such as the one of Zoraida Del Carmen.

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