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“The Painter with Stars in Their Eyes” on Display at the Slovak Institute in Berlin

The Exhibition “The Painter with Stars in Their Eyes” by Viera Kraicova Invites the People of Berlin to Enjoy Slovak Fine Art

March 15th, 2016

The exhibition “The Painter with Stars in Their Eyes” by the Slovak artist Viera Kraicova will be on display from March 10th to April 18th. Viera Kraicova (1920- 2012) is one of the most original figures from the world of Slovak painting from the second half of the 20th century. The exhibition is free of charge with a compulsory preregistration on the following number +49 3088 926 293.

Viera Kraicova creates works that represent an emotional expression of Slovak art. Her works are not made for rational understanding. Indeed, it should be felt and perceived with emotions. This is how Kraicova’s works remain alive. Her spontaneous easiness was outstanding because she knew how to express the pleasure of creativity. 

The artist does understand that the most important element in art is the expression of inner strength. Kraicova also illustrated a number of  children's books which represented for her a freedom of creation. Indeed, she achieved with these books great success. For Kraicova it was a way to free her spirit. Her dimensional work remains timeless. Perhaps because she perceives the world naturally, spontaneously, humanely and with a good soul. 

Moreover, it should be stressed Kraicova was a very active person that prepared several solo exhibitions and took part in numerous group exhibitions both at home and abroad. She received several prestigious artistic awards, such as Majernik’s (1968) and Full’s (1987). Her paintings are among the most demanded and are exhibited in dozens of private and state art collections. Viera Kraicova is the carrier of the "identification code of Slovakia". Since 1966 she lived and worked in Bratislava (Preßburg), where she died in 2012.


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