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The OSCE Business Conference in Berlin

Connectivity for Commerce and Investment: Strengthen Economic ties Across the OSCE Area

May 25th, 2016

On the 10th of May, 2016 at the Embassy of Ecuador in Germany, the exhibition "World Builder Migrante" of the artist and former professor of painting and natual drawing, Sigifredo Camacho, a native of Loja was inagurated. This event was attended by representatives of diplomatic missions as Venezuela and the Ambassador of Honduras, among others, according the Foreign Ministry.

For the first time in OSCE history, the conference brought together representatives from the worlds of politics, business and civil society. 70 countries took part in the event which was held as part of Germany’s OSCE Chairmanship. One of the major goals of the event was to link the private business sector with the world of politics and public administration, in order to share ideas about future infrastructure projects, transport corridors, trade agreements and digital connectivity from a variety of countries. Panelists and participants all concluded that these are fundamental factors in the strengthening of economic connectivity in the Eurasian space.

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier cited the railway line between Chongqing in China and Duisburg in Germany as a positive example of the promotion of physical connectivity. He also claimed that while this link demonstrated the world’s increasing connectivity, this was not something to be taken for granted. Issues such as geographical distances, different interests and economic systems represent difficult challenges, which have to be overcome, in order to create a common political vision throughout the world.

Regarding the conflict in the Ukraine, of which the OSCE has already shown its importance and indispensability, Foreign Minister Steinmeier said that Germany wants to deeply strengthen the OSCE and its tradition of providing an equal dialogue among all participating states. According to him, this is the only way to rebuild trust in order to restore security in the European continent.

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