The Opening Ceremony of the Center France Francophonie at TU Dresden

The Ambassador of Burkina Faso in Berlin solidifies ties between Germany and Francophone West Africa by supporting the CFF

June 03rd, 2019
Margareta Calugher, News from Berlin
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At the invitation of the Technical University of Dresden, His Excellency the Ambassador of Burkina Faso to Germany, Mr. Guibila participated in May 16, 2019, at the opening of the center France | Francophonie at TU Dresden in the presence of his counterparts from France, Quebec, Germany and an interested public.

According to its director R. Böhm, professor of French literature and culture, the creation of Center France | Francophonie (CFF) aims to strengthen cooperation between the actors of TU Dresden and the partners of French-speaking countries in the cultural and scientific field.

The center plans to maintain and support existing new activities in the core areas such as research and education. In addition to interdisciplinary networking at the national and international levels, it plans to initiate its own long-term research areas and design innovative event formats.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, the Ambassador of Burkina Faso welcomed his colleagues from France and Quebec and talked about the objectives of the CFF. The center will lift the language barrier by promoting student mobility and intercultural exchange in university cooperation between Germany and French-speaking countries.

The opening of the France Francophonie center is also part of Germany's current foreign policy, "The CFF is also in line with the Chancellor's commitment, Mrs Merkel, as she affirmed during her last visit to Burkina Faso, on May 2nd, to work to strengthen German university cooperation with Francophone West Africa », stated the ambassador.

One of the highlights of the CFF ceremony was the opening speech given by the art historian, Prof. B. Savoy, on the theme "The gestures of spoliation: African collections in European museums and their consequences ». He is an expert known in Germany for having conducted the study on the spoliation of Germany by France in the 1800s. He also produced, with the Senegalese expert F. Sarr, the report on the restitution of African cultural heritage where has been inventoried more than 1,000 objects, which left the current Burkina Faso since 1884.


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