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The Official Opening of the Romanian Cultural Institute's New Office in Berlin

Special Programs at Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin

September 30th, 2015
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The official opening of the Romanian Cultural Institute's new office in Berlin will take place on October 6th 2015 and will feature several cultural programs in a bursting schedule. 

The opening ceremony will begin with an exhibition of the famous Romanian artist Michael Lassel. Mr. Michael Lassel is considered one of the best contemporary masters of the "Trompe-d´oeil" 1948. He was born in Transylvania, Romania and studied at the Art Academy, Bucharest. Lassel has since lived in Germany since 1986. Following the exhibition, officials from the Romanian Cultural Institute will give a speech, officially opening the new office.

After the formalities have ensued, a special concert with Oana Catalina Chitu and Michael Abramovich, accompanied by the actor Dan Nutu, will take place in the Great Hall.

Next in the packed itinerary, the floor will be given to a special selection of short films. The short films, specially selected for the celebrations, include the “Ramona” directed by Andrei Cretulescu; “The Art” by Adrian Sitaru; “Omulan” directed by Matthew Branea; “Vera” directed by Dorian Bogut; and “The Heroine is Hiding and Then Gets an Encounter Unexpected” directed by Cristian Tudor Jurgiu. The short films will then be followed by a reading from the Romanian poet Mircea Dinescu.

Whilst in the courtyard of the building, the night will be brought to a close by DJ Michael Butincu who will perform a live set, featuring a holographic projection with mapping conducted by Modulab. The set will focus on Brancusi's Endless Column, and will be enriched with other Romanian traditional elements.

The Romanian Cultural Institute is a state-funded institution that promotes Romanian culture and civilization in Romania and abroad. A priority for the Romanian Cultural Institute is to promote and develop Romanian speaking communities in neighboring countries. 

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