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The Nordic Film Club is back this Week with a Norwegian Gem

January 22nd, 2014

“I Belong”: What Happens when People Compromise their Integrity?

The celebrated film shows three stories where seemingly indifferent events turn the lives of the characters upside down.

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News from Berlin. The bimonthly Nordic Film Club, which takes place at the Nordic Embassies, is back this week with yet another critically acclaimed movie: the Norwegian “Som du ser meg/I belong” by director Dag Joham Haugerud. The movie was nominated for several Amanda Awards (Norwegian International Film Festival) and won the ones for best picture, best direction, best screen play and best actress. It was also nominated for in other film festivals around the world.

The movie is based on a book that follows the story of three regular people; three smart and independent individuals who get along in life, but the twist comes when they are all faced with a situation that makes them react in way that others do not approve of. This unexpected reaction to a difficult situation makes others perceive them as weak, people who were not able to handle the challenges life presented to them.

A nurse that gets in trouble for speaking English when she gets nervous, a translator that finds herself compromising her morals when she has to translate a book she doesn’t believe in, and a mother daughter pair that is humiliated when a relative gifts them money. These are the character that embody these struggles in the comedic drama.

The rhythm is, according to the director, accelerated throughout the film so that situations that at first glance seems quite unimportant look like massive hurdles by the end of the film.

For more information check: http://www.nordischebotschaften.org/felleshus/veranstaltungen/im-haus/2014/01/140123_filmklub.php

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