The Nordic Embassies Photography Exhibition

The Embassies of Slovakia and the Czech Republic invite interested people to a special concertNordic Art at the intersection of natural landscapes and buildings

October 02nd, 2018
Rikard Berisha, News from Berlin
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The Nordic embassies are organizing a Photo Exhibition meant to show the beauty of the Nordic landscapes and roads.

The Nordic embassies, a cooperation of different Nordic countries led by the Nordic council will be opening in the 4th of October an exhibition of photographs. Ken Schluchtmann’s work will be the coronation of the exhibition that will lasti until the 17th of January of 2019. The collection of Ken Schluchtmann’s photographs will show the beauty of the Nordic landscape. Architecture, art and nature are the main themes of the exhibition.

The Landscape Routes, whose building started in 1994 and is supposed to end in 2024, is a series of roads, built in the middle of landscapes in Norway, and they will be the most important photos of the event. Ken Schluchtmann is not the first one to make these kinds of photographs and he will not be the last. According to the curator, Janike Kempevold Larsen, these kinds of landscape depictions are an old tradition in Norway. His particular way of depicting them though, can be described only as genius .

At the opening ceremony, on the 4th of October, Ken Schluchtmann will tell of his experiences while travelling in Norway. A lecture will also be held from the curator making clear the context of these photographs and where they are situated in the history of ideas and of photography . The languages spoken in the exhibition are German and English . The exhibition was hosted as a part of the European Month of Photography.


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