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The Nordic Embassies: A Concert by the Multinational Vapaatie

June 04th, 2014

News from Berlin - The Nordic Embassies will present a concert by Vapaatie at their Pan Nordic Building (Felleshus) this Wednesday, June 4th. Vapaatie is a Finnish-Nordic-European quintet, which is an improvisation-friendly musical group. The members of the band are from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Austria, thus making it an example of a European cooperative project. At the concert the group will present pieces from their recently released album, which bears the handwritten work by Joonas Leppänen, the composer and drummer of the band. The common denominator of these pieces is travelling. The music brings different tones from a particular place or moment at the interface between dream and reality. The band was inspired by numerous styles of music, yet common to all members of the band is their strong connection to improvised music. The concert at the Pan Nordic Building will start at 8pm.

Vapaatie is a group of young musicians, who met each other in Berlin itself in 2011. Their take on contemporary jazz is a combination of instrumental storytelling of the American tradition mixed with the Scandinavian mentality.

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