The Mongolian Embassy Opens Its Doors

The Mongolian Embassy commemorates the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Germany

October 04th, 2019
Marina Natsia and Marta Faraoni, News from Berlin
20191004_The Mongolian Embassy Opens Its Doors.jpg

The Mongolian Embassy organized an event on October 3rd to commemorate the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Germany and Mongolia. Several cultural initiatives and stands were set up in the Mongolian Embassy in Berlin to show the lasting and solid relations between the two countries.

At the event there were a lot of different cultural associations and private companies presenting their work related to Mongolian culture. Among the institutions attending the event were MAS Berlin, a youth association, Tsog-club, a basketball club and MAIDAR, a cultural association promoting the transmission of Mongolian language and traditions to the new generation through traditional songs, dance and fairy tales. Through this event they are trying to maintain their culture but also foster their relationship with Germany. In addition to this, the Mongolian national airline company, called MIAT, was present to show how Mongolia and Germany have recently improved their business connections thanks to a direct flight between Ulaanbaatar and Berlin.

Mongolian Culture was presented in many different ways at the event. All the Embassy’s walls were decorated with paintings by the Mongolian artist, Gan-Erdene Tsend. At the same time, many women and children wore traditional costumes and offered traditional Mongolian food to the visitors. Visitors could also watch short snippets of Mongolian movies while they were waiting for the H. E. Ambassador Demching Tegshjargal’s introductory speech. After his speech, some children sang the national anthem of Mongolia and performed some traditional dances. This shows how the Mongolian Embassy’s activities and daily work have positive effects on the consolidation and creation of old and new relations. 

During the event, we were able to talk to Ms Oyuntuya Oyunjargal, the art and administration manager at the Mongolian Embassy. The interaction between Germany and Mongolia started between GDR and Mongolia but recently the relationships between the two countries have been improved and have become stronger during recent years. For example, now the Mongolian students have the chance to continue their higher education in Germany without additional exams or preparation. Many Mongolian students can speak German in addition to English, Korean and Japanese, as German is taught in the schools. Among the German organizations operating in Mongolia, the Goethe-Institut is one of the most active in supporting cultural exchanges between Mongolia and Germany. During this brief talk, Ms Oyuntuya Oyunjargal said that there are such strong cultural and economic relations between Germany and Mongolia, that Mongolia considers Germany as its third neighbor. 


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