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The Magic Realism Displayed in the Walls of the Ecuadorian Embassy

October 02nd, 2014
20141002_The Magic Realism Displayed in the Walls of the Ecuadorian Embassy.jpg
News from Berlin - Magic Realism has invaded the Embassy of Ecuador. The exhibition titled “Con mi ARTe a través del tiempo (Mit meiner Art durch die Zeit)” - “With my ART throughout the time”. The Ecuadorian artist, Fernando Bohórguez, reflects on several topics that exemplify his development over time. This exposition can be visited until the end of October at the Embassy of Ecuador, in Joachimstalerstraße.

The title of the exhibition plays with the German word “Art”, which in German means “kind” or “type”. However, its Latin root is related to the cultural production. This way the artist aims at showing the diversity of topics and media of art used during his time as a painter. It is also a way to show his perspective through a holistic set of styles and techniques that belong to different epochs of his formation. Often, press reviews and reviews from art historians have considered his work as another demonstration of Magic Realism. The Latin American movement is one in which real things seem like fantasy, and fantasy is mingled with reality.

According to information provided by the artist’s website, at the age of 19, in 1964, Bohórguez decided to come to Germany and began studying Architecture in Hannover. Although, he was born in Ecuador, he is a connoisseur of the German language and the European cultural history in many ways. He decided to focus on art and painting, and in 1991, Fernando Bohórguez took the risk to become self-employed. He is now a highly respected artist and so his risk has paid off. Make sure not to miss this fantastic exhibition at the Ecuadorian Embassy.

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