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The Magic of Chorinho concert

Sai da Frente concert at the Brazilian Embassy

August 28th, 2017
2017_07_28 The Magic of Chorinho concert.jpg

The Brazilian quartet Sai da Frente is having a concert on the third of August. The concert is taking place at the Brazilian embassy in Berlin. The concert can be attended for free.

Sai da Frente, formed in 2007, is a quartet of young instrumentalists from Brazil. The soloist of the group, Victor Angeleas, always incorporates new elements into their songs. The other members are Nelsinho Serra, Vinícius Vianna, and Junior Viégas. The band is inspired by many of Brazilian musical greats.

Music is a great way of sharing culture and through bringing musicians from different countries to Berlin the German public can get to know new types of music. Brazil has a great variety of music and through this concert can show one of its many great musical groups. The Brazilian embassy takes cultural diplomacy quite seriously and this is just one of the many cultural activities they have throughout the year.

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