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The Long Night of the Sciences

The Long Night of the Sciences, an Event Held in Berlin and Potsdam, Will Occur on June 11th

June 13th, 2016

Every year, Freie Universität Berlin opens its doors to the public and puts on a house event filled with an extensive program of events. Numerous departments, institutions and research groups from Dahlem, Düppel, Lankwitz, and Steglitz host the event.

From late afternoon to midnight, over 70 scientific institutions across Berlin and Potsdam open their doors and provide insight into their work, conduct experiments in front of the public and offer the latest research findings. With more than 2000 events in research centers, institutions, laboratories and archives stretching across from the natural sciences and engineering to politics and humanities, the event offers a program dedicated towards various interest groups. More than 28,000 visitors are expected to attend.

Through vivid lectures, interactive experiments, readings, panel discussions, and workshops, visitors are able to see first hand the research projects undergone by various institutions. Scientists present impressions and results of new research ranging from basic to applied research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Therefore, one may wonder, with all of this in mind, what makes the Long night of the Sciences so special? The event offers a personal encounter between scientists and citizens. Visitors are invited to explore “hidden” places from the public eye. Above all, it’s not only the visitors who gain from this experience. Scientists get inspiration and useful feedback on their research from the public.

For more information on the event, please visit the website.


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Cristina Stoica, Berlin Global