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The Korean Cultural Center Hosts Korean Jazz Concerts in Berlin

Promoting the modern Korean jazz scene through jazz concerts all throughout Europe

November 12th, 2018
Rikard Berisha, News from Berlin
20181112_Korean Cultural Center.jpg

It is a tradition of the Korean Cultural Center to host concerts and cultural events in many countries across Europe. The jazz concert starting in November will also come in Germany among other countries.

The Korean Cultural Center, the cultural section of the Korean Embassy in Berlin announces that the beginning of the jazz concerts will be the 22nd of November 2018. Part of the concert will be 4 bands who could win a competition including over 50 jazz bands. The bands can thus be seen as some of the best in the Korean jazz scene.

There is also a lot to choose from: From modern jazz-quartets played by the Song Hachul band, to the original Korean music of the bands Barim and Han Solip, to avantgarde jazz, there is something for every jazz lover attending the concerts.

In the opening day both of the bands: Song Hachul Quartet and Han Solip will be playing. The festival in Berlin will be taking place in 3 places, namely in the Kesselhaus, the Koreanisches Kulturzentrum and b-flat. The main venue, however, will be Kesselhaus. 

The entrance fee is 8 Euros for bookings in advance and 12 Euros for on the spot sales. The concert will take place, among other places, at Kesselhaus in der Knaackstraße, Knaackstraße 97, 10435 Berlin at 19:00 of the 22nd of November.


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