The International Football Film Festival Berlin

The International Football Film Festival brings together 58 films from 24 different countries

March 20th, 2019
Martta Tenhu, News from Berlin
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Football could be seen as an arena where different cultural dimensions cross international and cultural boundaries and have an impact on the ways societies interpret themselves.

The 16th 11mm International Football Film Festival kicks off on 21st of March at Babylon Cinema theater. Babylon is an arthouse theater in the Mitte neighborhood of Berlin. It is also a venue for the Berlinale and other musical and literary events. This event caters to a crowd of hardcore soccer fans from different regions and different cultural backgrounds.

The event combines critical perspectives to the football culture in collaboration with 24 different countries. This year there is a special focus on women in sports. The festival aims for a more inclusive future for the straight-male-dominated sport. For instance, on the 23th of March journalist Max-Jacob Ost, leads a free panel discussion about gender in the football culture.

The Nordic Embassies market their input by the Swedish documentary “Fotball I nöd och just” – Football for Better or Worse by Inger Molin on the Women’s Team of FC Rosengård on March 22 at 8:45 pm. The documentary focuses on the aggravating disparities between men’s and women’s professional soccer. Also the program includes an Icelandic feature and two episodes of the Norwegian series “Meinbane” by Arild Anderssen.


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