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The Historical Exhibition on the German Presence in Tangier and Morocco is hosted in the Premises of the Gallery of the Cervantes Institute

Captivating exhibition on the German presence in Morocco

April 20th, 2016

The association "Deutsch-Gesellschaft Marokkanische North - Tangier (North DMG)" presents a historical exhibition on the German presence in Tangier and Morocco in the premises of the Bertucci Gallery in Tetouan.

After similar exhibitions in the Gallery of the Instituto Cervantes in Tangier and the National Library in Rabat, the Embassy thanked the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Culture in Tetouan and its CEO, Mr. Mohamed Ettakkal, for the exhibition space in the heart of the city. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Regional Delegate of the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Mohamed Ettakkal, President of DMG North, Zouhair Magour and by the Cultural Counsellor of the German Embassy, ​​Mr. Ralf Lorig in the presence of the Curator.

This exhibition includes 68 large posters, pictures, historical documents and explanations that complete the historical heritage of the city of Tangier. It should be stressed that the Commissioner Mr. Hans-Joachim Tischleder and DMG North initiated the exhibition, in close partnership with the German Embassy in Rabat and the Goethe Institute of Rabat-Casablanca. Over the coming months, the exhibition will be transferred to different places such as Oujda, Fez and Agadir. Exposure in Tetuan was also an opportunity to visit the General Library and Archives of the city, whose collection includes, among others, more than 200 original documents of the former Imperial German Legation in Tangier.



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