The Future Last Supper-Art Exhibition at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin

Starting the 9th of May and going until June 6th, visitors will be able to enjoy a visually powerful exhibition, a reaction against superficiality and hypocrisy

April 30th, 2019
Margareta Calugher, News from Berlin
20190430_The Future Last Supper.jpg

The Romanian artist Doru Nuţă presents through his installation, in an allegorical manner, a contemporary interpretation of the old metaphor "red herring ».

In the original English context, the metaphor refers to the distraction strategy.

By combining the art of portraiture, his favorite genre of painting, with sculpture, the form of expression he prefers the most, and adding musical, luminous and architectural elements, Doru Nuţă conveys a message that transcends the ubiquitous superficial activism, expressing both strength and concern.

On the opening day, May 9th, from 7pm till 10pm, Beatrice Wehner will entertain the first visitors with a piano concert.


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