The French Embassy Invites You to Discuss Integration Policies

Working towards a policy facilitating integration of migrant women in France and Germany

September 13th, 2019
Victoria Rochelois, News from Berlin
20190913_The French Embassy Invites.jpg

Germany and France have long developed proactive integrational policies. Migrant women are not only a target group of this policy, but can also be actresses with a facilitating role in shaping the integration process.

The Ambassador of France in Germany and the German Secretary of State for Migration will be holding an event entitled: "Emancipation of women: a lever for successful integration of migrant women” to discuss topics with regards to migrant and immigrant women and their integration in Germany.

How can migrant women be better supported in terms of integration into the labor market in France and Germany? How important are mothers and fathers in the integration of children and adolescents? How can migrant women and girls be strengthened? These are some of the questions, which will be discussed with experts from migrant organizations.

This evening invites you to a Franco-German exchange, embracing their cultural ties and working together in creating solutions with regards to migrant women’s integration policies.


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