The Franco-German company Theater “im Nu” presents The Dragon

The Franco-German theater company will play Le Dragon/ Der Drache at the theater28 in Wedding

February 04th, 2019
Soulivane Ziani, News from Berlin
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Source of the picture: Afrika Center Berlin

Written in 1944, this play was prohibited under Stalinist regime. Inspired from older tales and medieval legends, it denounces with humor the totalitarianism and the submission of people inclined to accommodate authoritarian regimes.

Lancelot, heroic knight of the round table, is going to a village traumatized by a mysterious dragon who can transform himself in a human. Once again, this year a young girl got chosen to be sacrificed to the dragon: Elsa. But this time Lancelot felt in love with her so he decides to challenge fate and challenge the dragon.

The performance takes place the 9th of Saturday 2019 at 8 p.m.

theater28 - Prinzenallee 33, 13359 Berlin (U8 Pankstraße) -


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