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The First “Notte Italiana” at the ICD

An Italian Night Took Place at the RED Ballroom on Sunday February 21st

February 23rd, 2016
The First “Notte Italiana” at the ICD - PICTURE 1.JPG

Last Sunday, February 21st, an exciting event took place called “Notte Italiana” in the RED Ballroom of Berlin, Genthiner Straße 20. The aim of this night was to encourage people to get in touch with Italy and its culture and heritage through the Italian music, food and culture that was on offer, creating an easygoing Italian atmosphere.

At 5:30pm the event opened its doors with a brief introduction by the Executive Director and Founder of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Mr. Mark Donfried. He invited Cristina Barzi on the stage, an Italian singer and actress and leader of a 7 Member Band founded in Berlin. The musical concept of the band derives from an idea of Cristina’s, with the goal of creating the Gypsyliana style, (Gypsy-Italiana), by mixing, with her band "Gypsyliana & Band", Italian and global music.


During the “Notte Italiana” the band began to entertain the guests, playing typical Italian pop and rock&roll songs from famous singers, such as La bambola (The Doll) by Patty Pravo,  Tintarella di Luna (Moonbathing) bv Mina, Cuore matto (Mad Heart) by Little Tony, Si è spento il sole (The Sun is Gone) by Adriano Celentano, and many others. The concert was well received by the guests in attendance, and the international audience danced in the RED Ballroom throughout the whole evening. 

The numerous guests could also enjoy dinner from the delicious Italian buffet, which included typical food, from different types of pasta to a very good tiramisu as dessert. 

Then, after the concert by Cristina Barzi’s band, the Dance Party with DJ Teddy started and a lot of people came back to the dance floor.

Also present at the event was a representative from the “Club Italia Berlin”, a football club set up by Italian people for Italian people and fans, with the aim of representing the Italian football tradition in Berlin. This club is continuing to grow and develop and is always open to new members, who are interested in football and wish to join the association.

Given the success of this Italian Night, the ICD is planning to organize other cultural nights at the RED Ballroom, to which you are all invited. The next Italian night will take place on March 13th, starting at 4 pm with a presentation of Italian culture, traditions and tastings and continuing with the Italian concert and  dinner.

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The First “Notte Italiana” at the ICD - PICTURE 3.JPG

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