The First Mediafluence Awards Ceremony for German-Turkish Social Media Stars in Berlin

In our contemporary digital era, influencers with a migration background are prominent ambassadors for intercultural communication

June 27th, 2019
Margareta Calugher, News from Berlin
20190627_The First Mediafluence Awards.jpg

On June 22nd, the Mediafluence Awards event took place in Berlin. The most important influencers of the German-Turkish community were awarded in 14 different categories including Best Business, Best Female / Male Influencer and Best Lifestyle.

Emrah, Shredded Brothers and the successful Youtube cook Sally's World were amongst the 54 nominees. The nominees together reach a total audience of over 100 million followers. 

During the ceremony, social media stars such as Esraworld, Derya Ürkmez, Joana Kesenci (finalist for "Deutschland sucht den Superstar") and other guests appeared with show acts. The voting result was based on equal votes of a jury and the fan community. 

According to Serdar Uzun, the organizer of the Mediafluence Awards, many German-Turkish influencers are popular in Germany but only few of them are noticed by the German-speaking media. Therefore, the Mediafluence Awards aims to acknowledge the influencers for their commitment in promoting their culture, their native poetry and traditional recipes and being good role-models for young people with a migrant background.

The event was also broadcasted on the SHOW TURK TV channel.


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