The First “KulTouramMittelmeer” In Berlin

The Embassy of Greece holds a meditarranean gastronomic event in Berlin

December 01st, 2019
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The two Mediterranean countries Greece and Spain organised an event of flavours entitled “KulTouramMittemeer”. It was four days full of flavours, a one of a kind experience.

A gastronomic event was supported and promoted by the Greek Embassy in Berlin and took place in Taverna NOTOS, for four days from 24th until 27th October 2019. This event was a great combination of art and flavour, as it included a work of art exhibition of the artist Tonia R. Alvarez about gastronomy. Also, a presentation of the book “Made in Greece” from the author Andreas Deffner a friend of Greek culture was held. And, of course, a variety of traditional Mediterranean foods were offered.

On Thursday 24th of October, the event started at 18:30 with greetings from Lia Rachel-Tsakona from the Greek Embassy. The presentation of the book “Made in Greece” followed, and the dedication of the art exhibition. The night ended with a dinner. On the next day, Friday 25th, there was a wine tasting. On the third day, some traditional Greek appetisers and Greek drink Ouzo were available for guests. Finally, the last day started at 11:00 am with a Greek brunch and drinks.

The importance of this event was clear, since it was not only a combination of art and gastronomy which offers the visitors a journey through the traditional food, but also the event promoted the culture of both Greece and Spain. The reason for that is because, through this gastronomic event people had the opportunity to better understand the culture of these countries, due to the fact that culture is the people, the food, the music, the traditions and much more. So, by seeing a painting, smelling and tasting foods, the culture become real; a reality which no one can ever forget.


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