The Festival of Lights Making Berlin Shine Since 2005

One of the biggest cultural attractions arrives in the city this week, transforming the streets into colorful and bright pieces of art

October 19th, 2016
Irene Escacena, News from Berlin

Under the theme ‘connecting cultures’, the 12th edition of the Festival of Lights has descended on Berlin with a calendar full of different activities. Music, video and 3D art will illuminate Berlin buildings for the next days, attracting both tourists and locals.

During the next days, some of the most symbolic buildings in Berlin like the Brandenburg Gate, the TV Tower, Humboldt University, Potsdamer Platz and the Nikolaiviertel will be transformed into canvases to be projected with light and video.

The Berlin project, born eleven years ago, is now one of the most well known light festivals, along with those held in Lyon, Sydney and Moscow. 

The idea, which consists of using already beautiful and impressive buildings as canvases for artistic projections, has been well received by both the German and international community. 

The festival has become a major tourist attraction with more than 2 million visitors, more than 600,000 additional hotel stays and 1.8 billion media contacts.  
As the theme of the festival, ‘connecting cultures’ suggests, the event aims to gather different cultures in the streets of Berlin. The director of the festival, Birgit Zander, expressed that the project’s main focus is to create intercultural connections between the public, the different districts of Berlin and their cultures.
Artists such as Ross Ashton and Karen Monid, who will make the Nikolai church shine as never before, and the designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, who will illuminate the Altes Stadthaus, are among the participant artists.

The festival is also open to anyone who is willing to get involved. The ‘We love Berlin’ initiative invites people to participate in the project by sending their own photos and videos related to the city, which, with a little bit of good luck, will then be projected onto the TV tower.

So, if you are feeling creative and are willing to see your art pieces projected on the TV tower, or if you just want to discover Berlin in a unique way, from the 7th to 16th of October a colorful and bright Berlin will be waiting for you.


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