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The European Inventor Award

German Researchers Have Good Chances of Receiving the Prestigious Prize

June 09th, 2016

According to the latest news, German researchers have an excellent chance of obtaining the European Inventor Award of the European Patent Office for innovations of great values. The inventors approach the future with courage and they do not fear the unknown. The European Patent Office, awards particularly innovative inventors for the tenth time.

The various prizes are awarded for five different categories including, industry, research lifetime achievement and small and medium enterprises as well as to non-European countries. With regard to the German researchers, in the category "industry" Gleich Bernhard and Jürgen Weizenecker, with colleagues from Philips Research Laboratory in Hamburg have excellent chances of securing the renowned award. Both physicists have developed a new method of medical diagnostic imaging called magnetic particle (MPI). It allows doctors to instantly obtain 3D images of tumors and vascular diseases. The MPI has for example, succeeded in detecting arterial blockages exceedingly quickly thus avoiding occurrences like that of coronary heart disease.

Anton van Zalten is also a finalist of the European Inventor Award 2016; he trained in the Netherlands and also in the USA, and he has since established himself at Bosch, the German Technology Group. He is has been nominated in the category “work a life”. Using his words, “It is only when one is dissatisfied that we become inventor. When we are satisfied with everything, we have no desire to find something new ".

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